About Us


The Kampala International Theatre Festival (KITF) is an annual 5-day festival. KITF was launched in November 2014 as a platform to develop professionalism among East African theatre practitioners, connect the East African theatre- making communities with one another and their counterparts from elsewhere, broaden access to theatre and develop new audiences by supportingĀ and facilitating the creation and presentation of the best and relevant theatre productions.

The first edition of the festival featured productions and readings by many of the East African artists and projects that received support from Sundance Institute over the years. Subsequent festival editions followed the successful inaugural festival edition and grew into an important annual event for the theatre-making community that aims to become one of the most exciting theatre festivals in Africa. The annual festival is co-curated by former Sundance Institute Theatre Program staff member and current artistic director of Tebere Arts Foundation Asiimwe Deborah Kawe and Artistic Director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation, Faisal Kiwewa.


Giving a platform to develop professionalism among East African theatre practitioners

Broadening access to theatre, Developing new audiences, andĀ 

Connecting the East African theatre making community with their counterparts from elsewhere.

Stand a chance to have your screen play featured at KITF