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Suzan Kerunen

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Official National Tourism Goodwill Ambassador – Uganda

A Ugandan singer, who writes and performs African Contemporary music in local Ugandan languages of Alur-Jonam (her Luo mother tongue), Kiswahili, English and other world languages.

Suzan Kerunen started her career as a young girl with her two sisters in an all girl group Soul of Africa. She later went on to launch her solo career with her debut Album NIMEFIKA a Kiswahili term meaning “I have arrived”.
As described in the press “Suzan Kerunen is a musically great and arguably one of the most respected world music artists in Uganda” The Daily Monitor Newspaper.

Nimefika her maiden album is made up of rich African sounds fused together to come up with what the artist describes as African Soul, though largely qualifying it as African contemporary music under the World Music genre. With a mix of Njige, Agwara and Ndara drums from her Alur-Jonam (Central Luo) people of Nebbi District in the West Nile sub-region of Northern Uganda, located on the northwestern shores of Lake Albert, western banks of the River Nile, and bordering northeastern DRC.

Kerunen’s premier album Nimefika has earned her a double nomination with the KORA ALL AFRICAN MUSIC AWARDS ( in the Best East African and African Artist 2008/09. Ngom the nominated song is one of her Afro pop singles which talks about judgment and stigmatization in African societies.

Suzan’s music and performances have earned her great reputation in Uganda and better still in the Diaspora with her recent KORA AWARD nod.

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Roger Masaba

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Roger Masaba is a Ugandan dancer and choreographer and artistic director of Footsteps. He was groomed at Makerere University and constructs his identity in the awareness of a cultural belonging. He has also ventured into theatre and film. He featured in the 2011 movie “State Research Bureau”.

Production: Strings

Philip Luswata

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Philip Luswata is founder and director of the Theatre Factory at the National Theatre in Kampala, Uganda. One of Uganda’s top comedians, Philip has taught drama at Makerere University, writes for and appears in the top East African television drama series Makutano Junction and Center 4. He has written, acted in and produced a couple of stage plays, feature films, television commercials and series, radio drama series and plays, one of which, Quiet and We Hear, received considerable play on BBC radio. Philip has been to the Royal Court Theatre Residence in London and also to Sundance Institute Theatre Lab in Utah as an observer. He is one of the 2011 Sundance Institute East Africa lab alumni. Philip boasts the big achievement of being voted one of a hundred personalities of the year 2000 by one of Uganda’s leading dailies the New Vision newspaper. He holds a Diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, a B. A. in Drama, both of Makerere University, and an M.A. Communication Studies of Leeds University, UK. Luswata currently teaches theatre at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda.

Production: Desperate to Fight

Gladys Oyenbot

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Gladys “Gdah”Oyenbot is involved with the Internationally acclaimed Watoto Children’s Choir, is a singer, dancer and an actress, she has participated in numerous stage productions. However, she is popularly known for her splendid versatile performances in the world’s renown stage drama Heavens Gates and Hell’s Flame, Restore Tour: Child Soldier No More, KAD’s adaption of William Shakespearean plays, Oliva Twist, Much Ado About Nothing and the tragedy of Macbeth. Silent Voices: a play that mirrors the views and emotions of northern Uganda war. Gladys holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Makerere University; she has also graced the television shows and radio drama series like Rock point 256 and Mako-Mere to mention but a few.

Production: Desperate to Fight

Diana Kahunde

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Diana Kahunde is an Actress who is making her mark on and off the screen in Uganda. Her acting has led her to perform on stage in such plays as “Mkasa’s Fate” and “Much ado About Nothing” and can be seen in a new play “Strings” showing in November at the National Theater. Diana is an active member of Film Club Uganda, and on both big and small screen, you can catch her on “Mini bus Uganda” (Currently airing), “Hostel” and movies such as “She like’s Prada” and many more. She is the recipient of the “Most gifted Actress” award from the Super Talent awards in 2012. Off screen, she has received a degree as well as various awards and accolades for Public Administration and Business Management. Diana has also volunteered with the Ugandan Cancer Institute, specifically with Uganda Child Cancer Foundation which is an organization that is very dear and important to her. Using both her management and creative skills, she and the Ugandan Child Cancer Foundation have teamed up to bring an new Television drama “Crossroads” into homes across Uganda. Diana leads a cast who, every week, will tackle the problems, stigmas, and treatments surrounding cancer. She has been working tirelessly to bring about awareness of cancer in an entertaining way, and “Crossroads” has effortlessly married her love for acting and her passion for cancer prevention.

Production: Strings

Brian Kwame Emurwon

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Brian K Emurwon began performing in amateur theater in his high school days and rediscovered the passion after completing his law studies at Makerere University Kampala. His stage credits include playing Wangalachi [Lopakhin] in ‘End of an Error’ an adaptation of Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard (2007); playing Juror #3 in Reginald Rose’ ’12 Angry Men’ (2008), playing Banquo in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ (2013), which were all produced by Kampala Amateur Dramatics Society. Most recently, he played the incorrigible Benedick in Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ produced for Uganda’s National Theatre by Les Foules in 2014.

Production: Strings

Alice Lwanga

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Alice Lwanga is a teacher of Fine Art by profession and a performing artist/Radio drama Consultant by practice. She has a wealth performing arts and Management experience of over 15 years which she attained through attending local and international workshops and festivals; supported by Goethe Institute, British Council, Uganda National Cultural Centre. Some of them include:-The Advanced Cultural Management Training Course in Berlin and Munich (2009), Royal Court International Drama Residency in London(2001),Script development/Directing /Acting workshops in Royal Court Theatre London.

Alice has performed in the:-

  • London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT)
  • Standard Chartered Annual Festival in Grahams town South Africa. She acted Mother Courage in Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht.
  • Uganda National Cultural Centre productions: Sadiku in The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka, Muduuma Kwe Kwaffe by Wycliff Kiyingi, Piano Lesson by August Wilson, What Language Does the Wind Speak, My Maid and I, Rhythm of My Chaos, What do you do when you don’t know what to do, Collins Journey by Kaya Kagimu Mukasa, among others.
Production: Strings

Michael Sengazi

Senghazi Atos Michael

SENGAZI MICHAEL, is a 25 years old Burundo-Rwandese comedian. He started as an actor, performing in the play REVIZOR by Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol, adapted by Carole Karemera. Hereafter he pursued his work as a poet and writer, taking part in several workshops tutored by various well- known writers like Deborah Asiimwe, Felwin Aarr, Hubert Haddad, Boris Boubacar Diop etc.

Since then he co-established Comedy Knights where he has been performing every month as a stand-up comedian for almost 4 years, meanwhile still doing theatre, performing in the Spielart festival in Germany, and a tour to Klassen with the play Black thought now, followed by another tour of Radio Play in Rwanda and Burundi, as well as performing in the first ever international comedy festival in DRC.

Sengazi Michael aspires to bring people together and break barriers with laughter, which he has achieved in DRC during a period where Congo and Rwanda has had political issues.

Production: Radio Play

Rogers Williams Mpaata-Otako

Rogers William Mpaata-Otako

Actor/Creative Director with The FourSum worked with theatre factory as an actor, writer and assistant creative director. Mpaata Rogers Williams has also been part of the Confluence of Rivers World Tour with a play “ASHES BLOOD RIVERS”, the Production which weaved stories, myths, and legends around 5 major rivers into a powerful performance of arts from around the world! He performed in this production as an actor doing the role of common man, where he performed in different countries in Asia, Africa and Europe; these were Hong Kong, Thailand Bangladesh Uganda, France and England. Doing street theatre, community theatre, stage performances and workshops.

He volunteered for Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center as artistic director and creative writer in M.D.D department, he has worked on film productions ;true manhood campaign by YEAH, Master on duty by zenkens films, stone cold by Irene kulabako, street fugue by Native TV. He has worked on stage productions like cooking oil by Deborah Asiimwe as stage hand, mama Obama by Pamela as an actor, crazy storms and Pinocchio by Philip luswata as an actor, The River and The Mountain by Beau Hopkins as an actor.  He also directs and performs street theatre in Uganda, he has worked on high profile projects like the launch of Pinocchio at national theatre for the first lady of Uganda by the Italian embassy, the first karamoja bicycle tour by Italian embassy and the resent launch of the golden jubilee of Uganda for His Excellency president of Uganda at Serena hotel.

Production: Strings

Patriq Nkakalukanyi

Patriq Nkakalukanyi

Nkakalukanyi Patriq is a 23 year old passionate and zealous actor with quite the experience in just 3 years.

He has acted both on stage and for Film. With such acts as “SILENT VOICES”, “MACBETH”, “MANGO ROSES”, “THE COUNSELOR”, “K3NT & KAT3” and many more. With the passion and talent that he brings to the audience he is surely one to watch.

Production: Strings

Kaya Kagimu Mukasa

Kaya Kagimu

Kaya Kagimu Mukasa is a versatile Creative Arts practitioner, dancer and instrumentalist with professional experience of over 20 years. She has worked on drama and film projects in 16 countries in different roles; acting, dancing, traditional instrumentalist, directing, writing, stage management and arts management, for stage, radio, television and film. Kaya is passionate about the arts and the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Arts Treasure, fondly known for its’ Dinner Theatre based at the .

Plays Kaya has written, directed and has stage managed for Arts Treasure include; What do you do when you don’t know what to do?, What language does the wind speak?, Rhythm of my chaos, Grave Robber Services, My Maid and I and He is here. She is an alumni of The Royal Court Theatre International Playwrights’ Residency – United Kingdom, where she started on the development of her play What language does the wind speak? Kaya’s first love is acting and she has taken major roles in a number of plays; Mother Uganda and her Children, Wounds of Africa, Between You and me, The Mask, Mother Courage and her children, and Cooking Oil. She has also scripted the following stage plays; Someone Cares. Caden Makwo, All our Children, Collin’s journey, Hopeful, Together we stand.

Kaya has also directed the following plays for the Resident Troupe; Zinaalira wa? Muduuma kwe kwaffe, The Lion and The Jewel, The Burdens, Makula Ga Kulabako. She co-scripted Center 4 (a Ugandan medical television drama series) and has also scripted more than 100 radio drama scripts. She has also acted in International movies namely; It’s not easy, Caring completely, Sometimes in April, Zebu’s photo fish, The Silent Army and Jamaa. Currently scripting Radio Drama series Rock Point 256, Healthy Choices and TV Drama Series YAT MADIT.

Production: Strings

Herve Kimenyi

Herve Kemenyi

Kimenyi Herve is an actor and stand-up comedian. Hestarted his career with a hip hop dance group called COOL FAMILY in Kigali/Rwanda as a dancer and choreographer. He then switched to working in theatre and film. Kimenya has performed inTideline by Lebanese scriptwriter Wajdi Mouawad, The Revizor adapted by Carole Karemera, Radio play by Elizabeth Spackman and for the big screen Grey matter by Rwandan film maker Kivu Ruhorahoza (special jury mention for the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 and best actor of the year 2011 award for the Hillywood Film festival), and Lignes de Front (Frontline) by Belgian film maker Jean Christophe Klotz, he is also featuring in Black Thought Now, a German production by Gintersdoffer/Klassen.

Herve’s ambition in life as an artist is to create a viable art production system, an essential part of social development and growth, so that artists can benefit from their own creative creations and receive deserved recognition.

Kimenyi Herve is one of the founders of the Comedy Knights Rwanda, a hugely popular show in Rwanda.

Production: Radio Play