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Julius Lugaaya

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Mr. Julius Lugaaya has been an active performer and manager in theatre arts for the past 15years. He has performed on stage as an actor and dancer, and taken on various roles in short films. Mr Lugaaya has represented Uganda at over ten International Arts residencies, workshops, festivals and seminars around the world.

Key among these was an artistic coordination dance project between France, Uganda and Germany and Kampala in 2006. This project led to the formation of the Brudani Dance Company, now known as Uganda Contemporary Ballet Company

Production: Strings

Tebandeke Samuel Anthony Lutaaya

Sam Lutaaya

Samuel has been dancing since 2003 and has thus gained experience as a result. His interactions with various dance artists and educators have also given him the ability to collaborate on various projects and also learn a great deal about dance as an emerging art.

He joined the contemporary dance scene since 2007, when he performed during the Dance Week Uganda Festival. An accountant by training, he has learned to embrace different forms of movement. His training has been wider ranging as well and he takes classes in classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary African dance as well as traditional Ugandan dance.

He is not only restricted to the field of dance, and he cultivates an interest in theatre from time to time. His work in theatre has taken the form of amateur and professional productions and he continues to seek out new possibilities in the fields of theatre and film. He has worked on theatre productions such as Cooking Oil (actor); Macbeth (actor); and most recently on Much Ado About Nothing (actor and assistant producer), which was a co-production with Kampala Amateur Dramatics Society (KADS) and UK based Les Foules Theatre.