Screening of Maria Kizito

Maria Kizito is a play by Erik Ehn, one of the most experimental American playwrights. His play will be stated as an American-Ugandan production in the course of November 2015 in New Orleans, United States by ArtSpot Productions and Soulographie, directed by Emily Mendelsohn, designed by Jeff Becker, composed by Sean LaRocca with a cast from the US and Uganda (Tonny Muwangala and Esther Tebandeke).

The play is about benedictine nun Maria Kizito who aided the massacre of 7,000 refugees at her convent during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. The play imagines her prayer life, mediated by an American nun who attends her trial in Belgium. It blends poetry and document, sculpture and everyday object, live music and heightened gesture to bear witness to the events that took place at the convent. The play is an act of witness and an act of empathy, imagining our own capacity for violence.

A screening of this staged play will follow during the Kampala International Theatre Festival, which will then be followed by a moderated post-show discussion.

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Sunday 30 November
04:00 - 05:00 pm

Screening of “Maria Kizito” at #KITF2014

Africa Kills Her Sun

Adapted by Mrisho Mpoto, Elidady Msangi and Irene Sanga

AFRICA KILLS HER SUN is a short story that was written by Ken Saro-Wiwa (1941-1995). Saro-Wiwa was hanged by the Nigerian dictatorship in 1995 for his activism on behalf of his Nigerian Ogoni people. The original text is a condemned man’s last letter to his loved one. Mpoto, Msangi and Sanga adapted this text and use poetic style in Kiswahili, combine it with slam poetry and storytelling to talk about corruption and abuse of power in contemporary Africa.

Creator/Performer: Mrisho Mpoto
Creator/Musician: Elidady Msangi
Creator/Performer: Irene Sanga
Stage Manager: Justine Nantongo
Saturday 29 NovemberSunday 30 November
Main auditoriumMain auditorium
06:00 - 06:50 pm02:00 - 02:40 pm

Africa Kills Her Sun at #KITF2014

Black Maria on Koinange Street

A play by Sitawa Namwalie (Kenya)

A young African woman from a privileged upper middle-class family comes of age learning how to survive in an African country at the time of the dictatorships of the 1980s.  She has to navigate life away from the safety of her family and learn how to survive in university away from her privileged secure life in a world of ordinary people.  An encounter with the police and other night creatures exposes the underbelly of her charmed existence when she discovers the harshness and precariousness of life on the city streets of Nairobi at night.

Friday 28 NovemberSaturday 29 November
Green RoomGreen Room
02:00 - 03:00 pm06:00 - 07:00 pm
Playwright/Performer: Sitawa Betty Muragori
Stage Manager: Justine Nantongo

“Black Maria” at #KITF2014


Performed by Freddy Sabimbona (Burundi)

DECHIREMENT is the story of a troubled man, a man torn in two pieces as the image of a strife-torn nation over half a century already.

A man alone on stage for an hour will revisit the country’s history: the arrival of the first white fathers, Christianity, the royal monarchy, ethnic division … etcetera. … etcetera.

As he speaks, we realize that the past and present become a mixture, as beyond history there is this latent anxiety of a father who asks himself about “the legacy he’ll leave to his son.”

“Déchirement” is an autobiographical story through which everyone can reflect himself. A common story made ​​of death, blood, tears, but mostly … misunderstanding.

Story filigree one “black”year, 1972, a year when the Hutu intelligentsia was decimated. Through fear, fear of the other that is not other than self …

In a country that is still recovering painfully twelve years of civil war, “Déchirement” calls that part of humanity buried within us and that is often ignored, so it bends under the rubble of our own experience. It shows us that a man can have more vile in him, more treacherous with just a single statement at the end, marked in blood letter: “Never again. ”

A rotating loop.

Director/Performer: Freddy Sabimbona
Stage Manager: Diana Santiago
Saturday 29 NovemberSunday 30 November
Main auditoriumMain auditorium
03:00 - 03:30 pm09:00 - 10:30 pm

Desperate to Fight

By Meaza Worku Berehanu (Ethiopia)

Marta has been divorced three times, and now she’s not sure if she wants to give marriage a fourth try. Tormented by a the sounds of a newly and seemingly happily-wedded couple living next door, she wrestles with her past and the memories of her former husbands. How can Marta reconcile her principles and justify those extreme feelings of love and fury that come with marriage? DESPERATE TO FIGHT is a sophisticated, witty and paradoxical story about relationships, love and marriage from the heart of the gender-struggles in contemporary Addis Ababa.

Playwright: Meaza Worku
Director: Aida Mbowa
Stage Manager: Sam Lutaaya
Acting Company: Gladay Oyenbot, Philip Luswata
27 November28 November29 November30 November
Round HutRound HutRound HutRound Hut
06:30 - 07:40 pm08:00 - 09:10 pm08:00 - 09:10 pm08:00 - 09:10 pm

“Desperate to Fight” at #KITF2014

DJ Lwanda

By Eric Wainaina (Kenya)

DJ LWANDA is a story of the forgotten people of Kwa Maji, a slum in Nairobi, at the time of the General Election. The impending election is stirring all too familiar tribal differences and conflicts. DJ Lwanda, the local community radio DJ strives to stir the community to action and unity against the destructive political powers.

Writer/Performer: Eric Wainaina
Stage Manager: Justine Nantongo
Acting Company: Suzan Kerunen
Saturday 29 NovemberSunday 30 November
02:00 - 02:40 pm07:00 - 07:40 pm

“DJ Lwanda” at #KITF2014

Radio Play

Text by Elizabeth Senja Spackman (US)
Directed by Ruzibiza Wesley (Rwanda)

RADIO PLAY is a new theatre piece by Amizero Kompagnie, in collaboration with Rwandan artists. When a young woman finds herself on the night watch as host of late night call-in show, the secrets of others— stories of the unsaid, failed relationships, secret diseases and affairs start to infect her life and imagination as she tries to stay awake. When she signs out, the Morning DJ comes in. His job is to turn the raw facts into cheery messages of hope, but his skills at spinning nonsense come back to haunt him as the stories from the night watch collide with the morning facade. As the news from this troubled anonymous central African country becomes aggressively pleasant, the stories of the night collide with the relentless sunniness of the daily news, we realize every character has a secret, even the radio hosts themselves.

Playwright/Actress: Elizabeth Spackman
Director/Actor: Wesley Ruzibiza
Stage Manager: Dianana Santiago
Acting Company: Herve Kimenyi, Michael Sengazi

Friday 28 NovemberSunday 30 November
Main auditoriumMain auditorium
02:00 - 03:30 pm06:00 - 07:30 pm
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By Angella Emurwon (Uganda)

STRINGS plays with the different character responses to the 20-year absence and now return of Maama’s distant husband, Baaba, from Kyeyo, where he was seeking work and a better fortune abroad for the family left behind. Maama has created a family myth that helps her two children, Baaba, and her lover maintain normalcy. Uncle Lokil, brother to Baaba and on-again, off-again lover to Maama, seeks to regain his rightful place in Maama’s life that was usurped by his yo ung brother during their teens.

Friday 28 NovemberSaturday 29 November
Main auditoriumMain auditorium
04:00 - 05:00 pm08:00 - 09:30 pm

Strings at #KITF2014

Wimbo Wa Nyonga

By Asha Salimu Mshana (Tanzania)

WIMBO WA NYONGO is a Kiswahili Stage Play about Tumaini, a woman, who is a representation of an “African woman” who for a longtime has been suffering from traditions that perpetuate patriarchy.

Tumaini fights against the patriarchy system adhering to the will given to her by her late mother. Her quest for equality makes her go through unimaginable challenges. Nevertheless, she fights on and even competes for a leadership post in her village.

Friday 28 NovemberSaturday 29 November
Green RoomGreen Room
04:00 - 04:30 pm09:00 - 09:40 pm
Playright/Performer: Asha Salim Mshana
Stage Manager: Diana Santiago