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Asiimwe Deborah Kawe

Deborah Asiimwe

Asiimwe Deborah Kawe is an award winning playwright, performer and producer. Her recent plays include Will Smith Alike, Forgotten World, Cooking Oil, Appointment with gOD and Un-entitled which have all been received either as productions or stage readings in the United States of America and East Africa. Asiimwe is a recipient of the 2010 Theatre […] Read more

Faisal Kiwewa

Faisal Kiwewa Thumbnail

Faisal is the founding director of Bayimba (Cultural Foundation). He developed a passion for arts and culture during his primary and secondary school times and acquired diplomas in music composition and performance and audiovisual production. He took on various positions in the cultural sector before establishing Bayimba Cultural Foundation in November 2007. As its director, […] Read more

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