Performed by Freddy Sabimbona (Burundi)

DÉCHIREMENT is the story of a troubled man, a man torn in two pieces as the image of a strife-torn nation over half a century already.

A man alone on stage for an hour will revisit the country’s history: the arrival of the first white fathers, Christianity, the royal monarchy, ethnic division … etcetera. … etcetera.

As he speaks, we realize that the past and present become a mixture, as beyond history there is this latent anxiety of a father who asks himself about “the legacy he’ll leave to his son.”

“Déchirement” is an autobiographical story through which everyone can reflect himself. A common story made ​​of death, blood, tears, but mostly … misunderstanding.

Story filigree one “black”year, 1972, a year when the Hutu intelligentsia was decimated. Through fear, fear of the other that is not other than self …

In a country that is still recovering painfully twelve years of civil war, “Déchirement” calls that part of humanity buried within us and that is often ignored, so it bends under the rubble of our own experience. It shows us that a man can have more vile in him, more treacherous with just a single statement at the end, marked in blood letter: “Never again. ”

A rotating loop.

Director/Performer: Freddy Sabimbona
Stage Manager: Diana Santiago

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