Desperate to Fight

By Meaza Worku Berehanu (Ethiopia)

Marta has been divorced three times, and now she’s not sure if she wants to give marriage a fourth try. Tormented by a the sounds of a newly and seemingly happily-wedded couple living next door, she wrestles with her past and the memories of her former husbands. How can Marta reconcile her principles and justify those extreme feelings of love and fury that come with marriage? DESPERATE TO FIGHT is a sophisticated, witty and paradoxical story about relationships, love and marriage from the heart of the gender-struggles in contemporary Addis Ababa.

Playwright: Meaza Worku
Director: Aida Mbowa
Stage Manager: Sam Lutaaya
Acting Company: Gladay Oyenbot, Philip Luswata

“Desperate to Fight” at #KITF2014

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