Evros | The Crossing River (UK)

Evros | The Crossing River

Seemia Theatre

– Fusing music, song-speech, poetic text and movement, Seemia Theatre challenge the audience’s perception of ‘us and them’-

– We’re rocking, rocking way out to sea –

“Evros | The Crossing River” follows a young Syrian woman, Doaa, who dreams of a better life amongst a backdrop of war, terror and enduring love. Whilst planning her escape with her family, Doaa’s life changes when she meets Bassem.

We venture into the everyday of other families in extreme conditions and follow the performers as they ask “How can we walk in their shoes?”.

This immersive experience envelops you into the current refugee crisis playing with the idea of borders, challenging the idea of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

Saturday 24th November 2018Saturday 24th November 2018
Car GalleryCar Gallery
17:30 hrs21:30 hrs

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