La Négrophile

La Negrophile

La Négrophile depicts the rise to fame of the iconic “ Black Venus” Miss Josephine Baker. The piece journey with Josephine from age 6-25, from her home in St Louis, Illinois, to her first years in Paris, France, meeting along the way members of Josephine’s family and various impactful auditioners who at one point each seemed to hold the fate of her career in their hands. Experiencing extremely harsh rejection from the black American community, yet surprising adoration and acceptance by the white French community.We witness a change in her view of self that is as chilling as it is saddening. What happens to the spirit when the body is exorcized, eroticized and fetishized for the price of freedom? With iconic stardom, steeped in the objectification of the black body, I dare to ask was Josephine Baker just another nigga in Paris?

[note***nigga: a black person who is mentally and or physically enslaved]

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