Nairobi Musical Theatre Initiative (Kenya)

Rainmaker presents 4 Works-in-Progress from the NBO Musical Theatre Initiative

Nairobi Musical Theatre Initiative (Kenya)’s mission is to develop and support new musical theatre works by African artists performed in Africa and beyond.

The 4 Projects:

  • PANI PURI, a bitter-sweet tale of an Asian-Black romance
  • WEAVER BIRD, a visionary re-examination of Kenyan historic and gender equity
  • KABASEKE, a testimonial about war, child soldiers and the healing power of music
  • THE GOSPEL OF APOSTLE DENNIS, a call to conscience about corruption in the church


In a wedding gone wrong, a brown-black love story illuminates the trials and tribulations of staying together across cultures, with music that invites us into Indian-Kenyan and black-Kenyan sounds. PANI PURI boldly engages the taboo topic of love and inter-community prejudice in Kenya and Uganda.


Mau Mau freedom fighter Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima (FMM) is ready to die. So she returns to the forest where she last courted death. Imagined through the eyes of a woman who fought for Kenya’s freedom, WEAVER BIRD explores the idea of freedom through memories, hair and a conjuring of past selves.


A musician, saved by his music, tells the story of his startling journey from the Congo to Kenya. KABASEKE is an autobiographical tale that traces the survival of one man’s struggle from former Congolese child soldier through to a redemption hard-won through the power of courage, perseverance and art.


Set in a church service, THE GOSPEL OF APOSTLE DENNIS recounts the tale of an earnest pastor who promises prosperity to his desperate followers. As his flock grows, so does his ambition for wealth and power, until the lines between right and wrong – and good and evil – become irrevocably blurred.

With special thanks to The British Council East Africa in Motion, USArtists for Africa, The Sundance Institute Theatre Program and the Modern Coast Bus Company.

  • Eric Wainaina, Artistic Director, Rainmaker Ltd. and the NBO Musical Theatre Initiative
  • Sheba Hirst, Producing Director, Rainmaker Ltd.
  • Rushab Nandha, Production Staff, Rainmaker Ltd.
  • Roberta Levitow, Consulting Producing Director, NBO Musical Theatre Initiative
  • Karishma Bhagani, Associate Producer, NBO Musical Theatre Initiative
  • Wanjiku Mwawuganga, Associate Producer, NBO Musical Theatre Initiative
  • Lesedi Job, Guest Directing Mentor, NBO Musical Theatre Initiative

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