No Rest in the Kingdom (IN)

No Rest in the Kingdom

The Sandbox Collective from Bangalore, India – written by Deepika Arwind

– the outrageous world of inequities we inhabit is very much within us. –

No Rest in the Kingdom, a devised, physical theatre performance, came out of the need to have a conversation about the daily misogynies we are complicit in perpetrating. A comedy with music and movement, in which the performer plays four characters – two male, one female, and one feline.

No Rest In The Kingdom draws from the lives of urban characters who speak similar languages of consumerism and technology. Young and old men and women who are themselves baffled at this ‘gender question’ often find themselves walking on thin ice, oblivious, and sometimes very aware of the dangerous biases they hold.

Saturday 24th November 2018Saturday 24th November 2018
Main HallMain Hall
14:00 hrs20:00 hrs

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