KITF Edition 4

About This Project

The 4th edition of Kampala International theatre festival featured plays like;

The Woman Who Would be King (NG/USA) which  is a one-woman show written and performed by Esosa E. that chronicles the journey of Hatshepsut, the first female pharaoh of Egypt. In the play Esosa E. embodies eleven characters from Hatshepsut’s world to bring to life her fascinating journey to the throne.

Born of Normal Parents (IRL/ESP), a one man street show starting with rib-cracking comedy including the spectacular sword swallowing stunts.

Waiting For March (UG), a story of desperation and hope. A young boy is diagnosed with a terminal disease and he has been given a limited time to live. While his mother struggles to find the money to seek for his treatment scheduled for March, his older brother starts to communicate with him as a penpal who is also terminally ill, whilst hiding his real identity.

My Brothers Keeper: A Ghost story (UG)  revolves around university student Opio, who is gunned down in cold blood, and his girlfriend Masiko, subsequently gang raped while staging a peaceful protest against the dismantling of the democratic government.

A Night with Mao (USA/CHINA) revolves around how China is transforming the world.  The story of Mao from his wife/his bodyguard and his own perspective.

Several other plays like The State (BGR), Strings (UG), LaNegrophile: A Story Based on the Life of Josephine Baker (USA), Liebe (BUR), The Prince and the Rose also featured.