Radio Play

Text by Elizabeth Senja Spackman (US)
Directed by Ruzibiza Wesley (Rwanda)

RADIO PLAY is a new theatre piece by Amizero Kompagnie, in collaboration with Rwandan artists. When a young woman finds herself on the night watch as host of late night call-in show, the secrets of others— stories of the unsaid, failed relationships, secret diseases and affairs start to infect her life and imagination as she tries to stay awake. When she signs out, the Morning DJ comes in. His job is to turn the raw facts into cheery messages of hope, but his skills at spinning nonsense come back to haunt him as the stories from the night watch collide with the morning facade. As the news from this troubled anonymous central African country becomes aggressively pleasant, the stories of the night collide with the relentless sunniness of the daily news, we realize every character has a secret, even the radio hosts themselves.

Playwright/Actress: Elizabeth Spackman
Director/Actor: Wesley Ruzibiza
Stage Manager: Dianana Santiago
Acting Company: Herve Kimenyi, Michael Sengazi

Video “Radio Play” at #KITF2014

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