Screening of Maria Kizito

Maria Kizito

Maria Kizito is a play by Erik Ehn, one of the most experimental American playwrights. His play will be stated as an American-Ugandan production in the course of November 2015 in New Orleans, United States by ArtSpot Productions and Soulographie, directed by Emily Mendelsohn, designed by Jeff Becker, composed by Sean LaRocca with a cast from the US and Uganda (Tonny Muwangala and Esther Tebandeke).

The play is about benedictine nun Maria Kizito who aided the massacre of 7,000 refugees at her convent during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. The play imagines her prayer life, mediated by an American nun who attends her trial in Belgium. It blends poetry and document, sculpture and everyday object, live music and heightened gesture to bear witness to the events that took place at the convent. The play is an act of witness and an act of empathy, imagining our own capacity for violence.

A screening of this staged play will follow during the Kampala International Theatre Festival, which will then be followed by a moderated post-show discussion.

Screening of “Maria Kizito” at #KITF2014


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