The Last Day of Spring (Palestine)

Where – When

Ndere Centre > Main Auditorium

9:00 PM

1 hour
followed by conversation

Inspired by Sophocles’ Antigone “The Last Day of Spring” explores the brute force of the nation state, familial grief and strife, and the meaning of religious and spiritual law. Although the story of “The Last Day of Spring” is a personal one, it is founded on the universal theme of loss.


“The Last Day of Spring” is a theatrical Monodrama production, partially based on the autobiography of a Palestinian woman from a Druze village located in the
Upper Galilee, whose encounter with a tragic loss lead to a different path, in
attempt to reclaim her Arab identity.

In 1957, an agreement was implemented between the Druze communal leaders and the Israeli government, which asserts compulsory military service to all members of the community in the Israeli armed forces.

Fidaa was only seven years old when her brother was killed in action serving the Israeli army; leaving her alone with her parents. This loss fostered the family’s wish to be buried all together in the lands that once belonged to their grandfather.

However, as the brother is buried in an Israeli military cemetery, the family takes part in the annual “Memorial Day for IDF Soldiers” there, on the last day of spring. Leaving the grandfather-land unity; an unfulfilled dream.

The long mourning process eventually commits Fidaa’s parents and consequently Fidaa, to becoming peace activists at the Parent’s Circle Family Forum for Bereaved Palestinian and Israeli families. Those meetings and rooms pose questions that shape Fidaa’s identity, strengthen her impulse to break conventions, and feed the desire to realize her parents’ dream of being buried
together with her brother.

But in order to relocate what remains of her brother from the military cemetery to her grandfather’s land, several bureaucratic procedures need to be handled. In this process, Fidaa finds herself struggling, with her again parents, but also against religious and cultural traditions, and exposing the many hypocrisies of society.

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