The Kampala International Theater Festival is a 4-day festival organized each year in partnership between BAYIMBA Foundation and Tebere Arts Foundation as a platform that offers development of professionalism among theater practitioners and broadens access to Theatre by supporting and facilitating the presentation of Theatre productions.

This is achieved through the various workshops, jam sessions, productions and networking sessions that are programmed during the Festival.

The 7th edition is supposed to happen in November 2020 but due to Covid19 and how fast it spreads, we have decided to postpone the physical edition until further notice. We hope that an in-person gathering for our festival can be held again in 2021.

Uganda Travel Check-list

Before Traveling

  • Ensure that your passport is up-to-date – Must have more than six months remaining from the date you’re traveling before the expiration date.
  • Arrange Vaccinations – Refer to CDC website for recommended vaccinations or check out (please note the amount of time needed for the vaccinations to take effect before traveling). Your doctor should prepare you with vaccinations and medications for travel to Uganda.
  • Purchase Anti-Malarial Medication –You can arrange this through your doctor.
  • Plan ahead for personal purchases – Please note that credit cards and ATM are generally usable in Kampala but there will be some extra charges incurred for using your credit/debit card. You may withdraw money using your cards at any of these banks: Barclays Bank, Crane Bank, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank. All these banks are situated in the city centre, but as I mentioned above, the charges are very high! Most banks are open from 9AM-4:30PM during the week days, and 10AM-3PM over the Saturdays. All banks are closed on Sundays. All banks have ATM outlets allover the city that are open 24/7. There are Money Exchanges at Entebbe International Airport and they are open 24 hours. Therefore, if you would like to change money, the airport would be the best place to do it upon arrival. There are also Money Exchanges (Forex Bureaus all over Kampala city). Please bring what money you expect to need while in Kampala. Getting additional cash is not difficult, but it is very expensive, and sometimes can be time consuming.
  • Travelers’ Checks receive a poor exchange rate in Uganda. Generally, this is a “cash world”; therefore, I recommend that you bring clean dollar bills (for those traveling from the US/CA/EU) of $ 50 bills (or its equivalent) and above (small bills are not always acceptable-this too applies to Euros, CAD as well as BR. Pounds) for any personal purchases (e.g. snacks, newspapers, shopping).Be sure to get bills dated post 2010; banks do not always stock these bills, so I recommend that you contact your bank early regarding your needs. Do not risk traveling with insufficient cash. Plan to travel with more than you think you’ll need.
  • Plan ahead for how to call home – Calling directly from a landline in Uganda can be expensive. Check with your mobile phone carrier to see if your phone/plan can make international calls. You can also purchase a simple mobile phone and local SIM cards at Entebbe Airport or in Kampala and the vendors can help to set up your phone. If you would rather use your phone, be sure to check with your provider to make sure this is possible with your phone. You may also want to consider using a calling card or your computer (Skype) to make calls (when internet is available). There are also affordable ways to get access the internet. You may use internet cafes or purchase an internet modem. Orange Telephone company, Uganda Telephone Company, MTN Telephone Company all sell internet modems that can be inserted into your computer.
  • Think about your computer use – You are welcome to bring your laptop to stay connected with the world outside of Kampala. Please note that Uganda is one of the countries that uses the Type G Plug (Power Socket), you may need to purchase a travel plug adapter if your computer power cable is not designed for the Type G Plug.
  • Visas – The current fee for a three-month tourist visa obtained upon arrival at Entebbe Airport is $50.00. East Africans (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi) do not need visas to enter Uganda, but they need to have valid travel documents! You also find out if there is a Ugandan Embassy/consulate in the city near you and apply for a visa through the embassy.
  • Medical – There are several hospitals in Kampala and in case of anything minor, one can just walk in into a medical facility without making an appointment. It is advisable for those of you who are traveling from the US, CA & EU to check with their Insurance provider to determine if you need to be covered while abroad.

What To Bring With You

  • Passport (make a copy of the ID page and carry it in a separate place in your luggage, as well as a visa page)
  • Vaccinations Record
  • Medical Evacuation Card if you have any
  • Copy of Medical Care Coverage (If Applicable)
  • (If Applicable) Copy of Eye Glasses Prescription (or an extra pair)
  • Extra Passport Photos
  • Immodium or Preferred Anti-Diahhrea over-the-counter Medication
  • Additional Medication: CIPRO (3-day dosage in case of severe diahhrea)
  • Other Vitamins or Medications for Personal Needs
  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen (These may be purchased in the country)
  • Some people may want to carry hand sanitizers (for use when there are no facilities for washing hands, etc.)
  • Day Pack – A small Purse/small bag to carry personal items in a safe way.
  • Comfortable Clothing – Kampala is warm in November, High 26 degrees centigrade to lower 32 degrees centigrade (High 80s to lower 90s Fahrenheit) but in the evenings the temperatures drop to lower 15 degrees centigrade (60s F). It is anticipated that November will experience heavy showers. Be sure to bring a sweater/jacket and either a light rain jacket or an umbrella.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes – Given that it will be raining in November, it is advisable to bring shoes that can handle heavy showers. Otherwise, sandals are perfectly acceptable but they should be sturdy. Flip-flops would be perfect for informal gatherings.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen or sun hat (East Africa being on the equator, the sun can sometime be very powerful)
  • Laundry: *This will depend on where you will be staying* Most hotels in Kampala offer this service. You could employ someone to do the washing for you at a cost. They have different prices depending on what you are washing and the price would be negotiable. You would also need to buy the water from the desalination plant for them to do it with.

Other things to bring with you:

  • A torch
  • Mosquito repellent, like Deet but in case you have a sensitive skin and cannot use Deet, any of the following maybe useful:
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baby Oil mixed with Dettol
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Vicks Vapor Rub
  • Anything high in Vitamin B content (e.g. Marmite, Promite) & should you be bitten by the mosquitoes/flies, you can use any of the following to deal with the bites:
  • Essentials Lavender Oil
  • Ibuprofen Gel
  • Avon ‘Skin So Soft’
  • Calamine Lotion

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