When Swallows Cry (SA)

A Market Theatre Production, South Africa – a play by Mike van Graan

– The two key fault lines in the world today are inequality and culture –

When Swallows Cry interweaves three stories set in Africa, or about African migrants and refugees.

One story features a Canadian teacher – initially assumed to be an American – who is captured by a group of bandits in a West African country.

A second story features two Zimbabwean teachers who flee the economic hardships of their country in a boat heading to Fiji where they will not require visas for at least three months.

The third story tells of a Somalian who leaves his war-torn country for South Africa, only to experience brutal xenophobic violence that obliges him to seek refuge in America.

When Swallows Cry is a hard-hitting trilogy of playlets that explores the inequities and layered complexities of contemporary global mobility, particularly from African perspectives.

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