The Most Wretched of the Earth (Zambia)

By William Chewe Musonda

Most of the story occurs in Lusaka the Capital City of Zambia. It is a boiling pot of the nation as most citizens have migrated to the city to have a share of the “Pie”. The city is faced with a lot of challenges including high levels of poverty, unemployment, high crime levels, lack of social amenities like water reticulation systems, proper drainages and road infrastructure, and above all, official and quiet corruption.

Although some residents are employed in surrounding industries, some of them are out of formal employment and indulge in all sorts of informal enterprises. Life is rough and tough. Many youths and other dregs of the community are involved in negative vices ranging from car thefts, running illegal garages, being ruffians or crooks and petty thieving. Amongst this mix are the decent people who do noble jobs like motor mechanics and carpentry. Some women are involved in crotchet making and hawking.

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