Angella Emurwon


Angella Emurwon is a writer and stage director based in Kampala, Uganda.

She first came to public notice when she won a BBC African Performance award for her play The Cow Needs a Wife in 2010. She has since written a short film How to Kill a Cockroach (2010), one act play Stress Management Online Ltd (2011), a radio play Blackberry Girls! (2012), and most recently Sunflowers behind a Dirty Fence a radio play which won the 2012 BBC International Playwriting Competition.

Though, Angella identifies primarily as a writer, she enjoys working with actors as a stage director. Beginning as assistant director on the successful staging of the well-loved musical Sound of Music (2010, ), she then directed the stage adaptation of The Cow Needs a Wife (2011, ), the controversial The River and the Mountain (Beau Hopkins, 2012, Tilapia/MishMash) and most recently Shakespeare’s Macbeth (2013, ).

That said, she is most proud of her high school theatre production initiative, Set the Stage, which ran its pilot production (2012) sponsored by Kampala Amateur Dramatic Society (KADS) featuring the talents of the book club at Nabisunsa Girls High School; the best stage adaptation of The Cow Needs a Wife to date. Angella enjoys mentoring and working with young people and believes that for a young person working on a theatre production is a practical way of learning how the world works.

Angella has a BA Communication (Cum Laude) from Daystar University, Kenya.

She is a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, New York.

Strings is her first full length stage play.

Production: Strings

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