Herve Kimenyi

Kimenyi Herve is an actor and stand-up comedian. Hestarted his career with a hip hop dance group called COOL FAMILY in Kigali/Rwanda as a dancer and choreographer. He then switched to working in theatre and film. Kimenya has performed inTideline by Lebanese scriptwriter Wajdi Mouawad, The Revizor adapted by Carole Karemera, Radio play by Elizabeth Spackman and for the big screen Grey matter by Rwandan film maker Kivu Ruhorahoza (special jury mention for the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 and best actor of the year 2011 award for the Hillywood Film festival), and Lignes de Front (Frontline) by Belgian film maker Jean Christophe Klotz, he is also featuring in Black Thought Now, a German production by Gintersdoffer/Klassen.

Herve’s ambition in life as an artist is to create a viable art production system, an essential part of social development and growth, so that artists can benefit from their own creative creations and receive deserved recognition.

Kimenyi Herve is one of the founders of the Comedy Knights Rwanda, a hugely popular show in Rwanda.

Production: Radio Play

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