Irene Sanga

Irene Sanga is an all round performing artist. Her talent emerged when she started working with Parapanda Theatre Lab in Tanzania, a well known theatre organization in East Africa. Irene worked with Parapanda for six years; started as a theater player, later she became Artistic Director.

Irene Sanga has been running workshops for 3 years to train Americans who volunteered in the fields of health and environment; the idea behind these workshops was to teach the volunteers how to use Community Theatre as a tool for education. The project was from Peace Corps.

On filming business she was producing a film called “Kolelo”, about an old legend in the 19th century around the mountain Kolelo;

Script writer of the film called “Chaguo” (choice), a film about making your choice to have only one lover, as a HIV-preventing tool (Femina Tanzania, being funded by Soul City from South Africa);

Director of “Crying Silence” under MFDI (Media for Development International), funded by the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. The film handled over the effects of the abuse of women.

Irene Sanga was the among of writers of the ‘TEAM’ an ongoing TV series which is currently broadcasted at Tanzania Television (EATV and ITV);

She was co-writer for a radio drama WAMOJA (52 episodes). These two were under the company ‘Search for the Common Ground’.

Further she was among of the writers for children TV shows called “Kilimani Sesame “

In the field of stage play Irene Sanga is writer for a stage play called SAFARI YA MWANDALE, which is still on process under Sundance Institute.

She was writing a lot of stage education plays, TV and Radio spots jangles and advertisement; she attended workshops and Lab’s in Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar (ZIFF), with Sundance Institute in Manda (Kenya), Banff (Canada) and Utah (USA), etc;

Attended festival like Mundial in Holland, Ziff (Zanzibar), Kiff (Kenya), South Africa, Zambia etc.

Currently Irene works with youths; especially street children and children from underprivileged background. Her goal is to encourage and develop these young people’s talents, and support them to consider taking up theatre as a profession.

Irene is a singer, dancer, and poet-, script writer for TV / Radio, and story teller.

She has been in the field of performing arts for more than ten years.

Her dream is to become an International script writer for TV, stage plays and short stories.

Production: Africa Kills Her Sun

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