Jean-Paul Delore

Jean Paul Delore

Jean-Paul Delore: Director, writer and comedian under the direction of Bruno Boëglin, Yves Charreton, Robert Gironès and in his own shows. He has headed the LZD Lizard Drama company since 1997. Within the company, he has written and created: Encore (1992), Dommages (1995), Suite (1997), Divagations régionales (1998), Absences de problèmes (2000). He also directed the scripts of E.Delore (Départ 1982, Artic Bay, A L’Ouest, 1985) M. Bey Durif (Bleu de thury, 1990), E. Joannes (La forêt des Zuckers 1992), Rilke (La chanson d’amour et de mort, 1988), John Millington Synge (Deirdre Des Douleurs, 1993).

At the border of genres, his work pushes him between the 80s and 2000, meeting and creating with unusual groups: athletes, troubled youth, high school students … He created, for example Asvel pock ta pock with the professional basketball team of Asvel in Villeurbanne in 1984 and La Forêt des Zuckers with troubled youth in 1992.

His approach gradually led him to work with contemporary musicians and composers designing the outlines of an original theater musical (Les hommes aux Amandiers Nanterre in 1999, Mélodies 6 at the Villette Jazz Festival and at the Avignon Festival in 2001).

Since 2002 he has led the South/North Diaries, a mobile lab of theatrical and musical creations in Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa, Brazil and France, and then directed the shows: Foreign Affairs (2002-2004 / France and Africa), Songi Songi (2004 – Pointe Noire et Brazzaville), Un grand Silence prochain (2005 – France), Peut-être (2007 – Maputo), Le Récital (2008 – France), Kukuga Système Mélancolique 10 (2008/ 2009, Johannesburg, Maputo, Paris, Lyon). Numerous workshops and performances accompany the creation and dissemination of these shows in major cities of these regions and countries.

In 2011, Jean-Paul created Langues et Lueurs with Louis Sclavis at the Jazz Festival in Vaulx, and led the « North/South Diaries 20» in France and Brazil from November 2010 to July 2011.

Jean-Paul Delore is an associate artist with Théâtre Paris-Villette.

Production: Ster City

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