Kaya Kagimu Mukasa

Kaya KagimuKaya Kagimu Mukasa is a versatile Creative Arts practitioner, dancer and instrumentalist with professional experience of over 20 years. She has worked on drama and film projects in 16 countries in different roles; acting, dancing, traditional instrumentalist, directing, writing, stage management and arts management, for stage, radio, television and film. Kaya is passionate about the arts and the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Arts Treasure, fondly known for its’ Dinner Theatre based at the .

Plays Kaya has written, directed and has stage managed for Arts Treasure include; What do you do when you don’t know what to do?, What language does the wind speak?, Rhythm of my chaos, Grave Robber Services, My Maid and I and He is here. She is an alumni of The Royal Court Theatre International Playwrights’ Residency – United Kingdom, where she started on the development of her play What language does the wind speak? Kaya’s first love is acting and she has taken major roles in a number of plays; Mother Uganda and her Children, Wounds of Africa, Between You and me, The Mask, Mother Courage and her children, and Cooking Oil. She has also scripted the following stage plays; Someone Cares. Caden Makwo, All our Children, Collin’s journey, Hopeful, Together we stand.

Kaya has also directed the following plays for the Resident Troupe; Zinaalira wa? Muduuma kwe kwaffe, The Lion and The Jewel, The Burdens, Makula Ga Kulabako. She co-scripted Center 4 (a Ugandan medical television drama series) and has also scripted more than 100 radio drama scripts. She has also acted in International movies namely; It’s not easy, Caring completely, Sometimes in April, Zebu’s photo fish, The Silent Army and Jamaa. Currently scripting Radio Drama series Rock Point 256, Healthy Choices and TV Drama Series YAT MADIT.

Production: Strings

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