Rogers Otieno

Rogers Otieno is the founder and creative director of InterTeam Theater,which is based in Nairobi and specializes in producing originally devised and written East African Plays. He is also an acting coach, theatre director, and speech and drama teacher, specializing in the Lamda system (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).Rogers has taught students of all standards in international schools based in Kenya. They include Kenton College, Cavina School, Oshwal Academy nursery, primary and high school and Nairobi International School.

He is an experienced actor for both screen and stage. Amongst his notable roles   include Ben- “Block D” (Africa Magic), ” Sanjeev- Higher learning “ (NTV), Drogba-“The Agency” (M-NET AFRICA), Sibid-“Help!” , Angry man- “Soul Boy” .He was recognized with a nomination for best   male actor in drama series (KALASHA AWARDS 2011).

Otieno’s role as a playwright and director started immediately after high school when he mobilized groups in the community and encouraged them to devise skits to present skits that would encourage social change as they entertained. Many years later he has trained more than 2,000 theater practitioners throughout East Africa. He has also directed the devising of several successful plays , including, ‘GITHAA …Validating Dream’(2006 -2014) , ‘Fire By Ten series short plays’ (2007 -2009), FINDING THE TAMED WIND, SHUNGWAYA CONNECTION, IRODHA IRODHI, EXCESS, AS IT WAS (A Hip-hop drama).He also wrote and performed My Moving Home in 2010. And directed the same play in 2014.

Amongst successful projects Rogers has created include : IGNITE GUMZO-After Work Art Club , Kids Drama Club, Jambaz Tv Show (QTV), Holiday drama club , monthly theatre shows and theatre for schools.

Mr. Roger Otieno is an alumni of the Sundance Institue and fellow of the Sundance Institute East Africa. He is also a member of the Kenya Cultural Center , Kenya Actors Guild , Arterial Network , Art My Family and Kenya Council of Theatre Producers. He summarizes his passion of the arts, thus, “an artist is not a special kind of person but every person is a special kind of artist.” – Ananda Coomraswamy (1877-1947)

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