2016 KITF Stripping Acting from Our Acting Workshop


Using our personal history and life experiences to bring our characters to life. This workshop aims to show actors that all one needs to act is oneself. The workshop demystifies old age ideas about acting and breaks it down to two simple ideas, “I am enough” and “listen and respond”. Through acting exercises and an intense scene study and/or monologues, actors will be equipped with practical tools on how to bring their true selves to each character they play.


The workshop is targeting Mid Career Actors/Actresses


The workshop will take place from the 21st -23rd November 2016 (2.00pm -5.00pm)


The workshop will be held at (Conference Hall) Ndere Cultural Center, Kampala, Uganda


The workshop will be facilitated by Kemiyondo Coutinho



Uganda’s 2011 young achiever recipient, Kemiyondo Coutinho has been writing for the African woman since age 17. Her first one-woman show about Swazi women, Jabulile! went to tour internationally performing in Swaziland, South African, Uganda, Canada, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Her second play Kawuna…you’re it which explored HIV positive women in Uganda, was selected for a reading in New York by Hybrid Theater Works. Kawuna…you’re it was selected to be a part of the Main Program at the National Arts Festival in South Africa. It was selected to be performed in 2015 at The Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle. Her recent play, GREEN, commissioned by NOW AFRICA: Playwrights Festival, was recently performed in New York at the 2016 festival. She was the artistic director and founder for NuVo Arts Festival in Uganda, an arts festival geared at social change. She is the creator and curator for A Ka Dope, a collective of events aimed at showcasing Uganda’s talent. She is the founder of Kemistry Klass, a production company geared at producing film and TV content that changes the narrative of stories about The Continent. Kemiyondo Coutinho graduated with an MFA in acting from The American Conservatory Theater. She continues to write for the African Women she never found in the plays she was exposed to at a young age. Keeping in line with the nature of all her work, she hopes to vocalize silenced voices one play at a time.


The training is for free but selected participants are expected to cover their own costs that is meals, accommodation, Transport and anything else not covered by the training


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