2017 KIFT Acting Workshop

KITF 2017 Acting Workshop


A Night with MAO  Synopsis

Prelude  With projected historic images and haunting revolutionary music, the audience will be taken back to China in 1970’s.

Act One – His Bodyguard

This is a PLA man in his 40’s.  He would tell the audience mysteriously that he used to work inside GROUP ONE, which is the nickname for the group of people who work for Mao in his compound in Zhongnanhai, Beijing. Beginning with the memory of how he got selected into this elite group, he would tell the audience the details of his daily routine as a bodyguard, including giving daily massage to Mao as the leader required before he went to sleep… Developing a close and family kind of feeling towards his boss, he will recall a few emotionally charged incidents between Mao and himself.  With the help of two cast members, a reenacted scene will show audience a slice of life around the supreme leader.  The story of master told from the servant’s point of view…


The Training is targeting 5 ACTORS – 3 Males and 2 Females {In the Mid 20’s} preferably University graduates.


Participants are required to fully commit to attend all the sessions and must fully participate as well be active team players participants should be able to cover their own transport costs and meals however a performance fee shall be given to each participant at end of the workshop during the final performance.


The training will take place from the 9th -26th November 2017. The workshop will run from 9am- 5.00 pm. Participants MUST keep Time.


The workshop will be held in Kampala Uganda


Robert Lin

Robert Lin is a Chinese-American actor/writer/filmmaker based in New York and Beijing.  His major film acting credits include the starring role as Chairman Mao in Martin Scorsese directed Tibetan epic Kundun, which was nominated for four Academy Awards.  He was also featured in 2003’s smash hit School of Rock (Paramount Pictures) with Jack Black, and appeared in Red Corner (MGM) with Richard Gere. Other film credits include Green Card Fever, Man of the Century, Lift to Hell, The Nightingale of Tibet, Iceberg and more. Most recently he appeared as Chinese Diplomat Li Tianmin in The President Show, the hit TV series from Comedy Central. Coming off with a solid theater background, Robert’s New York stage credits include a widely acclaimed performance in Ishmael Reed’s The Preacher & Rapper at Nuyorican Poets Café, Zhang Boils the Ocean at Rockefeller Center’s Taipei Theater, and Tadpoletigermosquitos at Mulligan’s in Soho’s Ohio Theater, to name a few. In July 2014, Robert has premiered A Night with MAO in Kathmandu, Nepal, a new play which he starred in as well as conceived and wrote. His performance has won both audience support and critical acclaims. Having studied acting and directing with Professor Richard Schechner and Ms. Sande Shurin, both are leading figures in American theater education and actor training program, Mr. Lin has been sharing his professional knowledge in many different settings.  Besides training actors for Chinese film productions, he has offered intensive training programs for both Indian and Sri Lankan actors, as well as conducted successful acting workshops recently in the film college of Nepal. Mr. Lin is a member of SAG/AFTRA and represented by agents both in New York and Beijing.  He holds a master degree in performing art from New York University 


There is no entry fee for the workshop however the participants will be required to cover their accommodation, transportation and meals.


Applications are closed



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