Kampala International Theatre Festival

Kampala International Theatre Festival will be a 5-day festival that will take place from 23rd to 27th November 2022.


Since 2014, we have had the great honor of hosting artists and festival attendees from all over the world as well as from Kampala and other parts of the country at the Kampala International Theatre Festival.


In a world that is increasingly becoming insular, that is pushing away anyone that is different, or has different beliefs, we at the Kampala International Theatre Festival are hopeful that the space we are creating and platform we are building for artists and audiences offers opportunities for people to be with one another, to dialogue on hard subjects, to disagree without being enemies, to think differently, to hear, to see, to listen, to be witnesses and to see ourselves in the other.


A Snippet From the Past Festivals

The Kampala International Theatre Festival is a 5-day festival organised each year by Tebere Arts Foundation as a platform that offers development of professionalism among theatre practitioners and broadens access to Theatre by supporting and facilitating the presentation of Theatre productions.