Kampala International Theatre Festival 2018

Welcome – Kampala International Theatre Festival

The 5th edition of the Kampala International Theatre Festival will be held in Kampala at the Uganda Museum from 23rd to 25th November 2018.

The festival is a celebration of East African playwrights and other theatre makers, directors from across the globe, this edition of the Kampala International Theatre Festival programme will host performances on its various stages with a diverse program of provoking, topical and theatrically beautiful performances from Uganda, Kenya, India, Iran, UK, USA and more.

Productions 2018

Migration and the search for identity.

When Swallows Cry (SA)

When Swallows Cry

A Market Theatre Production, South Africa – a play by Mike van Graan
– the two key fault lines in the world today are inequality and culture –

“When Swallows Cry” interweaves three stories set in Africa, or about African migrants and refugees.

No Rest in the Kingdom (IN)

No Rest in the Kingdom

The Sandbox Collective from Bangalore, India – written by Deepika Arwind
– the outrageous world of inequities we inhabit is very much within us. –

A comedy with music and movement, in which the performer plays four characters – two male, one female, and one feline.

Hills of Salt and Sugar (UG/USA)

Hills of Salt and Sugar

Emily Mendelsohn (director) from the US and Doreen Baingana (playwright) from Uganda showing the Workshop Production “Hills of Salt and Sugar”
– the search for identity –

“Hills of Salt and Sugar” is a multimedia performance and discussion about memory, place, migration, and belonging.

Evros | The Crossing River (UK)

Evros | The Crossing River

Seemia Theatre
– we’re rocking, rocking way out to sea –

“Evros | The Crossing River” follows a young Syrian woman, Doaa, who dreams of a better life amongst a backdrop of war, terror and enduring love. Whilst planning her escape with her family, Doaa’s life changes when she meets Bassem.

Arrest the Poem (UG)

Arrest the Poem

from Kitara Poets, directed by Ngobi Kagayi
– how does one arrest a poem? –

A normal day at the ‘KATALE’ market place is interrupted by protest poets marching while reciting poems about how the market-place has oil.

ADITL ‘A Day In The Life’ (UK)

ADITL ‘A Day In The Life’

4orward Movement – written and performed by Akpore Uzoh
– guilty until proven innocent, right? –

This play is a battle cry in the face of injustice and seeks to give a voice to the voiceless oppressed and liberate the minds and bodies of all who suffer the abuse, mistreatment and tyranny of those who for the time being hold the power.

A Ghost Story (UG)

A Ghost Story

by Lloyd Lutara
– whenever you choose freedom or power, blood will always be the price –

When university student Opio is gunned down after his twin brother Ochen abandons him in the middle of a peaceful protest against the tyrannical turning of the country’s democratic government into a monarchy by its Head of State, Opio comes back as a ghost to haunt his brother, who he blames for his death.

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