Open Jobs


1. Responsible for communicating to all the selected applicants, informing them of what the festival is providing and any requirements on their side. Responsible for drafting letters of regret to unsuccessful applicants.

2. Acts as a Point of Contact and the Funnel for Information between TAF/ Director(s) & KITF producers, the KITF Artists, and the participants as well as managing the communication between the 2 parties before, during, and after the KITF.

3. Responsible for Artist communications before, during, and after the festivals.

4. Responsible for drafting all relevant communications for the Festival and ensuring that the communication has to be sent in time to the intended target.

5. Responsible for dissemination of Vital Information to all the parties involved in the Kampala International Theater Festival e.g. Artists, Participants, Service Providers, and TAF & Producing staff.

6. Responsible for providing all the required information for the Kampala International Theater Festival, Artists and participants, and any other Festival details to the Tebere Arts Foundation/ Kampala International Theater Festival Marketing and Production team

7. Assist the Producing Artistic Director with writing and sending thank you’s for artists, donors, and sponsors

Experience / Skills Required

  • Experience in coordinating Events and Festivals

  • Experience in Google Tools e.g Sheets, Forms, Docs, etc

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Good customer relationship skills

  • Good project management skills

  • Good time management

  • Ability to multitask and prioritise

  • Ability to work under extreme pressure.

Kampala International Theatre Festival Coordinator


Reports to: Producing Artistic Director and Line Producer

Days: 5-6 Days a week

Time: 9:00 am-5:00 pm. (Kindly note that you might be required to work late on busy days)

Period: 10 Months (Mar 2024 to Dec 2024)

Housing: Tebere Arts Foundation covers your accommodation on the days of the festival.

Age bracket: 23 - 35

Nature and Scope of Work

The Festival Coordinator works with TAF Producing Artistic Director to Plan, manage, and coordinate the Kampala International Theater Festival and it’s Activities

Activities coordinating:

  • Kampala International Theatre Festival

  • KITF Workshops/Master classes/ Training

  • KITF Outreach programs

Duties and Responsibilities Administration

1. Manage the scheduling, Coordination and supervision of the Kampala International Theater Festival including all the activities prior, during and after the Festival with the support of the TAF Staff.

2. Design program, schedules and develop work plans for each activity of the Kampala International Theater Festival under the supervision of Artistic Producing Director and the Line Producer

3. Manage and sort all the Kampala International Theater Festival applications, submissions, respond to Artists’ submissions and any inquiry related to the Kampala International Theater Festival.

4. Prepare application submission for the reading of the submitted KITF applications and plays by the KITF Selection Committee.

5. Work with TAF Director/KITF Producer (s) and Administrator to design survey forms for all the different Festival Activities.

6. In charge of the distribution of the survey forms for all Festival activities, collection of the data, Data entry, analysis of the data and writing an evaluation report for the KITF/Tebere Arts Foundation.

7. Working with the Line Producer and TAF Administrator to coordinate all the logistics involved in the Festival e.g booking of the Venue, Hiring of service providers, Accommodation, and flight bookings.

8. Assist the Producing Artistic Director with contracting additional administrative staff, the Production Manager, Technical Director, Stage managers, Stage hands, Volunteers, and other members of the production team for the festival.

9. Responsible for drafting letters of agreement and contracts for artists and Festival Staff.

10. In charge of compiling the reports from the Artists, participants and audience and delivering the compiled reports to the TAF Administrator.

11. Assist the Producing Artistic Director in writing the Narrative project report for the Festival and its corresponding activities. Additionally, writing notes and minutes during the Festival for the KITF Producer’s reference.

12. Responsible for maintaining the festival database.

13. Actively Participate in the KITF Production Meetings, sometimes the Festival coordinator will be called upon to spearhead some of the meetings.

How to apply

Send your application and CV to before 6th April 2024 (Midnight EAT)